1              Certification Conditions

1.1            Introduction

               The purpose of this document is to detail the rules for use of logo/certification by the certified client. This is to clearly define to all interested parties that Accreditation is held by the certification body and not the certified client.

               The certificated client shall comply with the following conditions governing the use of the Certificate of Approval and mark/symbol of the Certification Body.

1.2       Use of Certification body mark and IAS Logo on certificates



International Accreditation Forum Logo Organization IAF MLA, PNG,  881x567px, International Accreditation Forum, Accreditation, Area, Badge,  Blue


This logo may be represented separately on a page.


a)   The above certification body mark and IAS logo shall only be displayed together on all issued certificates. IAS logo cannot be used in isolation, without the certification body logo.

(b)  The mark may be reproduced in any size or approved colours provided the configuration is strictly adhered to, including the surrounding frame. 

(c)  The mark may be used on stationery, such as headed letter paper and advertising brochures, and only in connection with the Management System Standard scope of supply listed on the certificate.

(d)  The mark shall not be used on flags, buildings, vehicles, packaging, directly on products, nor on promotional products such as calendars, diaries, coasters, etc.

(e)  The mark shall not be used in any way to imply product approval, or on documentation such as test certificates and certificates of conformity.

(f)  The certificated Client shall, upon reasonable notice, discontinue any use of the mark which is considered to be unacceptable to the Certification Body.

(g)  Upon termination of the certification, for whatever reason, the Client shall discontinue all use of the mark immediately.

(h) The marks of conformity shall not be designed in a way that can have potential misunderstanding. The sector of conformity shall be clearly stated.

(i)   Corrective action may be imposed on the client when misuse or misrepresentation of mark has been reported or identified. Corrective action may include legal recourse, if needed.


1.3            Use of the Certification Mark and IAS logo for use on Certification Body communications and documentation     


International Accreditation Forum Logo Organization IAF MLA, PNG,  881x567px, International Accreditation Forum, Accreditation, Area, Badge,  Blue


               The above mark and IAS logo may be used on certification body office:

      i)       Stationery, such as headed letter paper, advertising brochures, only in connection with the International Management System Standard and scope of supply listed on the Certificate.

      ii)  Certification body procedural forms, such as estimates, tenders, quotes, contracts, invoices and reports to clients. Indicating the portion of activities that are not accredited by the board.

      iii)     The statement if any to be put on product or marketing material, shall include reference to:

               — identification (e.g. brand or name) of the certified client;

               — the type of management system (e.g. quality, environment) and the applicable standard;

               — the certification body issuing the certificate.